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So who's behind this stuff?

Southern New Hampshire University created the Penmen Cash and Penmen Change programs to be the ultimate complement to your university experience.  Your ID can be used for dining on-campus, but we realize that students and parents want more. So we partnered with your favorite off-campus merchants to give you the ultimate flexibility, variety and value you deserve.

Use your Penmen Cash account on and off campus and get MORE:

Spending Power

  • Accepted at your favorite local merchants

Flexibility / Freedom

  • Flexibility to eat when you want
  • Unused account balances carry over
  • Easy to budget, track and add money
  • BOTH on-campus and off-campus convenience


  • Safer than cash or credit cards
  • Parent peace-of-mind


  • One card for everything you need
  • Your ID card does it all
  • Easy on-line account access and deposits

You're Healthy and Everyone's Happy

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